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Press Launch

Products & Devices

Are you about to launch a new product, service or device into the aesthetic medicine world? We understand how to tailor a Press Launch to get you maximum exposure, but more importantly, exposure that drives sales. With years of Industry experience,  expect a tailored, attention-grabbing Press Launch targeting Industry and Consumer Press.

Beauty Vlogger

Influencer Events

Products & Devices

Expand your reach using Influencers who will promote your product, service or device to your chosen demographic. Influencers can really give you access where traditional Press often cannot reach and what better way to increase sales than to open up to a wider audience.

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Our Services


Branding & Positioning Analysis

Audit Your Brand

A complete brand audit from inside out, we will carefully analyse your brand, how it is perceived in aesthetics both in trade and consumer sectors and identify any gaps and opportunities in brand potential.  We can assist to identify KOLS, brand partners and experts to help you achieve your goals. From this analysis we will then create a Brand Strategy.

Bespoke PR magazines publicity

Bespoke PR

Targeted PR Services

Tailored PR campaigns for trade, consumer and a combination of both to help maximise Brand Strategy success in Aesthetics.  We will build your brand from the ground up, creating a distinct voice and identity in the competitive aesthetic medicine sector.  Your brand will be in front of the right people to drive sales and build awareness.  Monthly reports outline the progress made, with quick, efficient and easily-understood communication throughout.  Press and Influencer launches available as part of this package.

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